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This team will be printed in high-quality resin @0.01mm layers. All team members are based and packed individually. Included in this team are 15 models and extras as follows : 


6x Fiend Human Linemans

1x Fiend Human Thrower

1x Fiend Dark Elf

1x Fiend Orc

1x Fiend Goblin

1x Fiend Skaven

1x Fiend Troll

1x Fiend Ogre

1x Fiend Rat Ogre

1x Fiend Minotaur

2x Fiends of Chaos Footballs

4x Double-sided re-roll coin

1x Team Marker


And more! Visit this page again soon to see the full team.

Fiends of Chaos Full Team

Expected to be complete in June. Stay tuned.
  • These models were produced by UGNI, artist and creator.

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